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NOTICE: Yasgar Technology Group is NOT currently hiring. If you are contacted via text message regarding positions at Yasgar Technology Group, Inc., we recommend that you do not interact with them. For more information, click here!

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There are plenty of companies that will offer skills to enable your company to accomplish tasks. How many of them take a vested interest in making sure you accomplish your goals. Yasgar Technology Group brings decades of experience to bear doing just that!

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Agile Development and Scrum Methodology

  • by Jack Yasgar
  • Agile

Yasgar Technology Group executes using a Scrum-based Agile development methodology. This allows for the maximum flexibility in addressing issues that arise during projects that are difficult to quantify in a project plan...

Successful Data Integration!

  • by Jack Yasgar
  • Services

In the fast-paced business world of today, it's essential to have an environment that enables your IT staff to implement new features and changes quickly. For instance, if your sales team wants to provide customers with order tracking, it should be done promptly, not in months or years...