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We are primarily a software development company. Since it is impossible to develop an application in a vacuum, we also provide Business and Systems Analysis services, as well as Project Management services.

Yasgar Technology Group is primarily a Microsoft™ .NET C# house. We can also work on existing projects that are written in VB.NET. We have experience using many version of Microsoft™ SQL server. We have extensive experience in Oracle databases, as well as Javascript, JQuery and MySQL.

Yes, Scrum is our preferred method of managing a software development project. We find that it makes it much easier to accurately predict the delivery dates of short term goals. It can be more difficult to predict the actual end date of the project, as Scrum is designed to allow the business to see results much sooner. When this happens, there are often changes that are introduced as a byproduct because imaginations get a jump start by seeing the application actually working.

On certain projects, we will contract off-shore resources to provide development work for components of the finished product. We have not ever contracted off-shore resources to code user interfaces, or any components that are considered sensitive due to built in security, or components that contain business logic considered to be trade secrets by our customers.

Yasgar Technology Group is not a consulting / contracting firm. However, we have do often appear on site for important meetings as well as during deployments and upgrades.

Both, depending on the contract wording. When executing a project using Scrum methodology, it is difficult to maintain a fixed price, as by the nature of Scrum, it encourages the business to make changes and add/modify functionality as the product progresses. Even with that caveat, it is possible to execute a fixed price contract, however the wording will be such that we will deliver the functionality we can achieve under the contract quote. If new features are added during the project, then features of equal weight must be removed, otherwise the contract will be amended.

Yasgar Technology Group can usually start a new project in thirty (30) days or less. If there are particular circumstances, such as regulatory requirements or an up coming trade show, we can often lessen that time frame.

Using the Scrum methodology for software development reduces this possibility. With exception of the first few iterations, where there may not necessarily be a visual deliverable, all features of the project are seen by the product owner as they become functional. This negates the issue that often occurs with waterfall projects where months go by only to receive a deliverable that is not what the business wanted.

This dependes on the contract. A contract can be written that assigns all copyright to the code to you or your company. Contracts that are written where the author maintains copyright, but licenses the copyright to you is generally less expensive. If we are developing code that is a component to code being written your company, then the contract will generally give you full copyright. There is also the issue of "Reusable Components", which are utilities written by Yasgar Technology Group that are used for multiple projects. Examples of thes would be E-mail engines, certain login security functions that are not custom written, logging engines etc. In the event these utilities are used in your project, you are given full license to use them pursuant to your individual contract. If the intention is to resell the product produced by Yasgar Technology Group, then there may be licensing fees for particular components.

Absolutely. Providing that all provisions of the particular contract are in order, then you have rights to all the code created.

Yes, we can integrate with many Source Code repositories, however, this would only be possible if working under an hourly contract.

Let's discuss your project's Success Right Now!