Fake Recruiters

You and Yasgar Technology Group, Inc. have been targeted!

NOTICE: Yasgar Technology Group is NOT currently hiring. If you are contacted via text message regarding positions at Yasgar Technology Group, Inc., we recommend that you do not interact with them.

No Recruiting via Text Message

Contacting people cold via text message is not something a legitimate recruiting firm would do. It is recommended that you do not interact with these people at all. Any legitimate recruiting firm will contact you via a website. If they never contacted you on a job-seeking website, ignore any messages from them.

Yasgar Technology Group has been informed that one or more people have contacted job seekers using the names Jason Pruett and Darlene Laverne. These are likely fake names, so don’t use them as a prerequisite.

These people do not work for Yasgar Technology Group, Inc., nor have they ever. If you are willing, we would appreciate it if you could file a report with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding these people.

File Complaint with the FBI